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Handmade fly fishing nets, fly boxes and other accessories for the discerning fly fisher





Trutta Angling Accessories has become synonymous with handcrafting some of the finest, most desirable wooden fly fishing landing nets and fly boxes currently available on the market today.  

Our small, intimate, workshop is located near Durban, on the east coast of South Africa, and within a short drive of the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands and the foothills of the Drakensberg, where Shaun Futter, Trutta's founder and director, likes nothing more than to spend his free time trying to fool the wily local Brown and Rainbow Trout that have inhabited the rivers, streams and lakes in the highland areas since the 1800's.

Trutta Angling Accessories has never been a company focused simply on making and selling nets and fly boxes. If it was, there are certainly easier ways to go about it, probably involving various CNC controlled equipment and an online store.


We're about people, relationships and experiences. It's the reason that all potential orders start out with some form of conversation, whether its an exchange of emails, WhatsApp's, an in-person visit or a good old fashioned phone call. This small but significant investment of time ensures we understand your needs fully. It helps us to get to know you a little bit better, meaning that while your order is being painstakingly hand crafted, it is with the individual who will receive it top of mind.


Our products are crafted, one at a time, using materials that have been individually selected for both strength and intrinsic beauty. No two items are ever identical, and that's the way we want it to stay.

Trutta Angling Accessories products truly are handcrafted for the individual, a likely reason they are highly sought after by discerning fly fishers the world over. 


We hope you enjoy looking through our Showroom of previously completed commissions.


Inspired by something you see? Don't hesitate to Contact Us with the view to discussing commissioning something tailored according to your specific tastes and requirements. For more examples of what we do, have a look at our Social Media feed too!




First and foremost, please note that we welcome international orders and ship Worldwide!

Landing Nets

Our range of standard net shapes and sizes have been carefully developed over time to suit the needs of most fly anglers, though we often tailor them to suit specific needs or requirements, like adding an inch or two to a hoop size, altering handle shapes, you name it!

Sometimes a customer has something completely different in mind, and in these circumstances we're certainly not afraid to start the process with a blank canvas and design something completely from scratch. 


Fly Boxes

We believe our handcrafted wooden fly boxes to be unique on the market today in a number of respects. Firstly, they have been designed in such a way, as to retain necessary thickness and strength in key  areas, while allowing for the aggressive removal of all excess material in other areas, resulting in a wooden fly box whose weight feels light in the hand and in the jacket pocket.


Our small fly box features tiny handmade wooden hinges, crafted from Ebony, while the large fly boxes have internal brass hinges. Both fly box sizes are equipped with the finest available micro-slit foam inserts for holding your flies securely. 

Fly Box Specifications


Large Fly Box Size:

195mm x 110mm x 40mm (7.7" x 4.3" x 1.6")


Small Fly Box Size: 

134mm x 110mm x 40mm (5.28" x 4.3" x 1.6") 

Have it made in Classic form, Presentation form, or  somewhere in-between!


All nets (standard shapes and full custom builds) and both fly box models can be made in Classic form (figured hardwood handles, 3 strip hoops, laser engraved logo and personalization).  A Classic build is a perfect choice for those who value the attention to detail and workmanship of a handcrafted item, but prefer the choice of materials to be a little more on the conservative side, aesthetically. 

Our nets and small fly box are also offered in Presentation form which incorporates the use of some of the rarest, most sought after stabilized burl woods available, metal inlaid logos and personalization's and many other aesthetic appointments that will ensure that your net and fly box stands out from the crowd in true heirloom form.  

Contact us to start a conversation about commissioning your special piece TODAY! 


A quick n' dirty little family portrait of our standard shapes and sizes!  Left to Right : Stream, Medium, Large, Extra Large.

Stream Model Specifications

Hoop Size:  350mm x 200mm (14" x 8")

Overall Length: 550mm (22")

Knotless woven nylon mesh bag

Medium Model Specifications

Hoop Size:  500mm x 290mm (20" x 11.4")

Overall Length: 711mm (28")

Choice of Silicone bag in Black or Clear or knotless woven nylon mesh bag

Large Model Specifications

Hoop Size:  500mm x 350mm (20" x 14")

Overall Length: 725mm (28.5")

Knotless woven nylon mesh bag

Extra Large Model Specifications

Hoop Size:  560mm x 380mm (22" x 15")

Overall Length: 800mm (31.5")

Choice of Silicone bag in Black or Clear or knotless woven nylon mesh bag



We absolutely love how social media has allowed us to connect with other fly fishers and crafts people all over the world. Please join our growing community by following us on Instagram at @Trutta_Angling and liking our Facebook page, that you can find by searching for Trutta Angling Accessories, or by clicking the relevant social media icons at the bottom of this site.


The gallery below connects directly to our Instagram feed, so feel free to browse through some of our content to see what we've been up to lately, behind the scenes stuff, etc.



Whether just to say hi, or to discuss your ideas or requirements around commissioning something especially for you, a friend or loved one, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to use the Chat facility on the site, or drop us a WhatsApp on the number provided, or send us an email through the contact form below:


Durban, South Africa

+27 82 654 0212 (WhatsApp Preferred)

Thank you for your email, we will respond as soon as possible!

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