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Handmade fly fishing nets, fly boxes and other accessories for the discerning fly fisher



Trutta Angling Accessories is a niche producer of handmade, personalised and often bespoke fly fishing accessories for the discerning fly fisher.


The journey began in 2016 in the leafy upper highway suburbs outside Durban on the east coast of South Africa. A newly discovered passion for wood and for the craft of woodworking, coupled with an eye for detail and a no-compromise attitude when it comes to  and strong local and international demand for niche, personalised, high quality handmade fly fishing accessories  has seen the venture go from strength to strength


Below is a gallery of recently completed products that have been made with passion.

Landing Nets

Fly Boxes

Other Stuff


Trutta On The Water

We love receiving photos from customers (friends) of our products being enjoyed out on the water. If you'd like a photo of yours to be added to our gallery below, share it with us on social media, email it to us or even send it via WhatsApp and we'll add it to the collection.



While it may be true that many customers choose to have items commissioned as keepsakes or for display purposes, the fact remains that each and every product that is created is fully intended to be used, and with some basic care and occasional maintenance, there is no reason why your custom made net or fly box shouldn't stay beautiful looking, even if they do develop a bit of extra character along the way.

The finest available waterproof glues are used to laminate sections together, forming bonds that are in most cases stronger than the surrounding timber. Instead of using varnishes, which in most cases are polyurethane based, and very difficult to maintain or repair should they be scratched or chipped, our products are finished using proprietary drying oils, with a high gloss finish being achieved through the application of upwards of 10 extremely thin coats that are applied by hand. While this finish is labour intensive to apply, it lends itself to easy repairs if required, and with an occasional reapplication, will preserve and protect the beautiful wood for years.

Some basic care in the use and storage of your products will also ensure their longetivity. While the waterproof glues will ensure that delamination does not take place, and the finish provides an additional level of protection against moisture, it is inevitable that if soaked for prolonged periods of time, some water ingress will take place resulting in potential discolouration of the wood and repeated soaking of this nature can eventually damage the timber. As such, activities such as lashing your net to your float tube and towing it around while it floats in the water is probably not a good idea. In addition to not soaking for prolonged periods of time, as with all fishing tackle, one should always ensure that all items are properly dried before packing away for storage.



As a craftsman for whom passion and pride of workmanship are of primary importance, my goal is to exceed the  expectations of customers. I don't take orders with tight deadlines as I am not prepared to rush to complete products. I take my time with every product I make, and nothing leaves my workshop unless I am 100% happy with the end result.

All Trutta products are covered by a 12 month warranty in the event that your product become broken or damaged as a result of defective workmanship or materials during the course of reasonable normal usage. Accidental damage or breakages as a result of negligence are not covered, however even in such cases, I'd encourage you to contact me as I'd always assist in any way possible.



Whether just to say hi, or to discuss your ideas or requirements around a custom, handmade product, we would love to hear from you. Please drop us an email through the contact form below:


Durban, South Africa

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Curly Wild Olive Fly Box - Inside